Indigenous Services Canada

July 21, 2020

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) works collaboratively with partners to improve access to high quality services for First Nations, Inuit and Métis. Our vision is to support and empower Indigenous peoples to independently deliver services and address the socio-economic conditions in their communities.


Services and information

Indigenous health

Access the First Nations and Inuit primary care, public health and mental health services. Find support for former students of Indian residential schools.

Water in First Nations communities

Find out how the Government of Canada works with First Nations to end long-term drinking water advisories and improve water and wastewater systems on reserve

Social programs

Learn about the key social programs Indigenous Services Canada funds in First Nations communities and urban centres.


Find programs that support elementary and secondary education, provide financial support to First Nations and Inuit post-secondary students, and help Canadian post-secondary institutions develop courses.

First Nations housing

Find programs that support improved housing on reserve.

First Nations community infrastructure

Find programs to support community infrastructure such as schools, roads, and waste management facilities on reserve.

Establishing a new fiscal relationship

Learn about the steps being taken to move towards sufficient, predictable and sustained funding.

Emergency management

Resources for First Nations communities to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

Consultation, engagement and the duty to consult

Participate in ongoing engagements, learn what was heard in recently-held engagements and find out about the duty to consult.

The path forward

Learn about the five key priorities of the new department Indigenous Services Canada.

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